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Problem with small fonts under linux

  • I installed Retroshare and some UI elements were rendered using very small fonts (first pic - marked in red) whereas other elements had just the right size (marked in blue). I tried making the global font size bigger using qtconfig and the fonts marked in red didn't change at all whereas the fonts marked in blue got even bigger. So, that didn't work.

    I then realized that the same problem can be seen in qtconfig (2nd picture). The fonts marked in red are tiny and are not affected by the global font size.

    I asked for help at the SliTaz forum and people suggested that I change the Xft.dpi in Xdefaults. "post in SliTaz forum":

    It turned out that my Xdefaults file didn't have a Xft.dpi entry. Adding Xft.dpi 110 made the tiny fonts in the qt applications bigger. Success. But it also made the fonts accross the whole system bigger, including the fonts that used to have the right size in qt. So I had to change the font settings for qt, gtk, individual apps. etc.

    To sum up, the size of some qt fonts(marked in blue in the first pic) is controlled by the "default font" settings. but the size of other qt fonts(marked in red) isn't. The size of the fonts marked in red can only be changed by changing the Xft.dpi value in Xdefaults.

    Is this how qt is supposed to work? Is there some problem with the qt libraries my linux distro is using? Or maybe there's something wrong with the way qt was compiled by the SliTaz people?

    edit : this is qt 4.7 (maybe the qt version is too old?)


    first pic


    second pic


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