Setting NSOpenGLView's "setWantsBestResolutionOpenGLSurface" in Qt 4.8 (Mac OS X question)

  • Is it possible to set the "setWantsBestResolutionOpenGLSurface" value in Qt 4.8?

    I know it's possible in Qt 5, but when grepping the source of Qt 4.8, I get no hits for "setWantsBestResolutionOpenGLSurface".

    I tried to use the QGLWidget::winId() value as an NSOpenGLView value, but it didn't work.

    Is my only solution to add this single line of code and compile Qt 4 myself?
    (I rather not want to use Qt 5 since I use a lot of qt3 compatibility stuff, and it is a lot of work to upgrade)

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