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Dependency Injection options using Qt and QML

  • I have been looking for good dependency injection options for Qt and QML. Right now, I made all my dependencies QObjects and put them inside of my QML. But this gets tedious fast, and I don't want a change in QML to break the application. I feel like QML should try to be only UI concerns. So has anyone used something like 'injeqt' or 'wallaroo' with Qt and QML? Does it work out well? I know I cannot do constructor injection which is a tad bit frustrating but understandable, but I feel like there should be something we can do to make this a tad be easier.

  • Hello. I'm author of Injeqt. I'll be happy to help. Would you mind contacting with me on e-mail (vogel@kadu.im) to check what you need and if Injeqt is suitable for you?

  • Hey, I would love to contact you via e-mail as soon as I get a chance. I really would like to reduce all my crazy glue qml code and I think these tools really could help, but I can't just derail a project to prove it lol. Plus, what if it didn't work. Anyway I will contact you ASAP. Thank you.

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