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How to drag&drop between QFrame and QGraphicsView

  • I have to start by saying that I'm starting with Qt, so I'll appreciate your patience and help.
    I would like to develop and application which is a mixture between two of the examples that come with QtSDK: 1) the Drag and Drop > Draggable Icons, and 2) the Graphics View > Diagram Scene.
    In 1) it is possible to click over a QLabel object and drag it from one QFrame to the neighbor QFrame.
    In 2) it is not possible to click and drag, the left area contains buttons that once activated draw objects in the right area and then it is possible to create arrows going from one object to the other within the Graphics View area.
    So what I would like is to have a mix of these two examples, is it possible??? I would like to click and drag an object from a bank/menu/list (the left frame) to a main area where I can create connections with arrows between several objects.
    From what I've tried so far, I'm guessing that it is not possible to mix QLabel objects to QGraphicsItems... I'm very confused about what to use in Qt, it seems there are several approaches to designing the same thing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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