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Qml - QtWebEngine, QtWebKit, QtWebView

  • Hello,

    I am new to QtQuick, QML and I was playing with it to see if it matches the requirments for my new application. One of the needs is to show html code (local or remote). After some tests I am a bit confused about some aspects.

    I opened the webview example from Qt 5.4 and ran it on Linux 64bit. I notice it is using the new QtWebEngine module in the .pro file and also in the .cpp code with include QtWebEngine.h

    @qtHaveModule(webengine) {
    QT += webengine

    What happens if webengine is not available? What component is used? I suppose on Android/IOS the webengine component is not available and it will use a "native" component.

    In the qml file I find
    @import QtWebView 1.0@

    which is underlined with a red line (the Qt Creator-Design cannot find it's definition because qmlplugindump crashed). I suppose QtWebView is the Library name for the new QtWebEngine component. The example runs well without problems.
    Can I avoid this error in the QtCreator-Design?

    If I comment out the qtHaveModule(webengine) in the pro file and rebuild everything then at run time (Desktop Linux 64bit) the program will crash with a Segmentation Fault after loading the qml file:

    @0 QOpenGLContext::handle() const /home/xx/Qt/5.4/gcc_64/lib/
    1 ?? /home/xx/Qt/5.4/gcc_64/plugins/platforms/
    2 ?? /home/xx/Qt/5.4/gcc_64/qml/QtWebView/../../lib/
    Why does it crash? Because on Desktop there is no "native" alternative to the QtWebEngine?

    It will work again if I replace the import QtWebView 1.0 with import QtWebKit 3.0 without the need to add QT+=webkit to the pro file.
    Why it is not necessary to add QT+=webkit?

    What is the best approach for both Qt Quick Desktop/Mobile deployment? QtWebEngine or QtWebView?

    Last month I made a similar application but using Qt Widgets and at last I had to use QtWebKit because QtWebEngine was crashing sometimes (randomly after some usage).


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