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Multiple Unresolved externals when building an x64 Qt Creator with Intel Compiler.

  • Hello (again),

    Well the subject really sums up the issue I am having while trying to build an x64 Creator. I have 40 unresolved externals reported by the build process on (......\lib\qtcreator\Utilsd.dll) along with countless LNK4217 (locally defined symbol) errors.
    qmake "QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS=" ..\qtcreator.pro
    ..\jom\jom -j 4
    I have followed the instructions in the README so I can't see where or what I am doing wrong. So if anyone is able to help me with this please I would appreciate it.

  • Intel compiler is not supported. None of us uses it to build Qt Creator with, so please expect trouble. If you manage to do it, please submit a patch as a "merge request":https://qt.gitorious.org/qt-creator on gitorious:-)

    Some more information would be nice if you actually expect somebody to help you (like the full build log, etc.)

  • Mmmm, bummer!

    Tobias, can I ask what exactly you mean when you say not supported, does this mean in x64 land due to the mkspecs for win32-icc only or are there other reasons?

    I omitted the build log due to the size limitations for posting, but when I have some time at the weekend I'll see if I can find a home for it and provide a link to it.

    And if I do succeed I will of course provide a patch.

  • "Not supported" as in: No official package is build using this compiler and none of us has ever tried to build creator with the intel compiler so far (as far as I know).

    We try to work cleanly and do build with all kinds of different compilers (incl. MSVC in different dialects, gcc 4something and occasionally even clang), so there is a good chance that it will work using the intel compilers, but we can not guarantee it will work nor provide much help in case of problems.

    Having said that: I'd be happy to get feedback on how it went. We will happily apply patches to make compilation smoother for you -- if they do not introduce problems with the compilers we do support that is.

    PS: What does "QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS=" do?

  • Hi Tobias,

    This is to disable the QmlDesigner plugin as outlined in the README from the Creator sources.

  • Didn't know we did that;-)

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