User action log implementation in QML ?

  • Hi,

    I am creating a QML touch screen application that uses a Stackview for multiple layers of menu screens.

    Now I am investigating how I could log all user actions.
    I could add a bit of code to every control, to log when it is pressed/edited/....

    Log example :
    13:25:10 <MAIN SCREEN> PRESSED [Settings]
    13:25:30 <SETTINGS SCREEN> SELECTED [Font Size]
    13:25:50 <SETTINGS SCREEN> CHANGED [Font_Size_Value] TO 12
    13:26:33 <SETTINGS SCREEN> PRESSED [Close]

    But maybe there is another, more elegant solution ?
    Is it possible to implement a 'global' hook that logs which actions the user has performed,
    without needing to implement this for every control ?
    Has this been done already ? (I could not find an example).

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