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Unable to navigate to definition, No intellisense in Visual Studio 2008.

  • I am using VS 2008 and Qt 4.6.3 with VS add in 1.5. I was able to navigate to Qt symbols using the F12 key in VS and intellisense was also available for the Qt symbols. I recently installed the VS 2008 SP1, and after that I am not able to navigate to the Qt symbols. Other symbols used in my project are working fine.

    I tried reinstalling the VS Addin, I tried removing the ncb file and rebuilding as suggested in many posts. But nothing worked. My QTDIR env variable is setup correctly, so is my PATH env variable.

  • I have also tried rebuilding Qt. I think there must be some project setting.

  • I finally found it, you need to add $(QTDIR)\src to your Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->VC++ Directories->Source files.

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