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Drawing a dashed/dotted line on a canvas element

  • Hello Everyone,

    I would like to draw simple dashed line on a canvas. Here is my sample code below. I had a look at
    properties/methods (i.e. setLineDash) for drawing the line in a "dotted" way but none of them worked for me. Am I missing something?

    @ onPaint: {
    var context = getContext("2d");

     context.lineWidth = 2;
     context.moveTo(currentSegment.firstPtX(), currentSegment.firstPtY());
     context.strokeStyle = "white"
     //context.setLineDash(5) does not work
     context.lineTo(endX, endY);


    PS: Using Qt 5.4

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    AFAIK not all HTML5 Canvas features have been ported in Qt's Canvas. According to "Context2d": doc there's no such method available. The only way I think for now is to use lineTo and moveTo functions to imitate it.

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