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Cannot mix incompatible Qt libraries Error

  • Hi

    I took out the email.h & email.cpp out of the pro file to get rid of the email error - qt then finished the build.

    I am getting @cannot mix incompatible Qt libraries@ when I try and run the exe file.

    Something which I was battling with was I could only get it to run qmake if I used 4.6.3 version of qt . I also had use Qt in path release to build the project. Could this be causing the runtime problem ?


  • Sorry, the crystal ball is out of order today. Could you please give us some more information, including:

    • your deployment setup (did you copy some libs into the exe's directory)
    • paths
    • which version(s) of Qt or the SDK do you have installed and/or used

  • Some more divination incoming:

    • check that you link against the same flavour of dll (no cross link debug vs release)
    • check that you don't have other Qt dlls in your path (like QtCreator using 4.7.x)
    • check against which dlls you linked (in your link ocmmand) and which dlls are tried to be used on runtime (using ld on linux, dependency walker on windows)

    Basically, this works, so you somehow have messed your local setup.

  • Hi Roy_CT,

    I checked the Qt source code.
    It seams you are using QtCore and QtGui from different versions.
    This could be different compilers, different version (e.g. 4.7.0 and 4.7.2)

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