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Creator / editor seem to hang for keyboard input

  • Hi there,
    I am using Creator V2.1 on Ubuntu 10.10. First I have noted that the editor does not allow any keyboard input. Closing the file and opening again seems to help, but not always.
    Now, I have had also problems with the debugger. I worked for a while. Later I could press F5, F10 or whatever, but it did not react.
    Going through the menus with the mouse did work. Also pressing the debug button on the left (should work as F5) did work as well.
    Anyone an idea what the reasons are?

  • Have you "filed a bug report":http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/?

    Where did you get the binaries? Are they 32bit or 64bit? Which Qt version are they using?

  • Hi Tobias
    sorry for late reply. Somehow I did not receive the notification.

    No, I did not file a bug report, yet.
    I was wondering, if there is a general problem or just with my installation/machine.
    BTW it's 32 bit. The binaries I have downloaded from commercial download site.
    I have different versions of QT installed. The one, which comes with Ubuntu 10.10. I am not sure which one this is. I have also compiled version 4.7.2 and installed.

    Best regards, Hans

  • Why don't you try the "latest version (2.2 RC)":http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/04/19/qt-creator-2-2-rc-released/ and see if the problem is still there?

    No, it isn't a general problem :)

  • Thanks for support.
    Due to an HD crash is the problem no longer existent :(
    Just to give a feedback. There will not be any follow-up in this thread.

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