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MVC, data structure and overall programming question

  • Hi All,

    I am new to QT programming and I have following requirement and I need suggestion on which QT data structure to choose and overall programming logic:

    User inputs data in the following form (it's sample data only there will be thousands of input):

    event_A event_B direct
    event_A event_G inverse
    event_A event_H direct
    event_A event_X inverse
    event_A event_Y direct

    Where event is some event and direct or inverse is relationship. I am thinking to make a event class
    with name and relationship as attributes. These data need to be stored in file (xml or txt). App will
    show these data from file in some widget using QT MVC.

    Then user input events in the following form to determine the relationship among data. Following is sample expected input and output:

    event_A up

    event_B up
    event_G down
    event_H up
    event_X down
    event_Y up

    Meaning is that based on event relationship the app should sort/filter the data. For example if relationship of event_A to event_B is direct and event_A to event_X is inverse output will be event_B up and event_X down.

    It's seems simple but being new to QT programming I need advice on how to approach this in terms of MVC, data structure (QHash or other) and overall programming logic.


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