How to get model index from QSortFilterProxyModel's index

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    So, I have QSortFilterProxy model and when I filter the list and select the result I want to delete it. to delete the item I need the index in the my model class(QAbstractListModel) but here I have the index in QSortFilterProxy.

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    QSortFilterProxy forwards all calls to your actual model with the mapped /corrected) index.
    So you either can implement QAbstractItemModel::removeRows().
    Or directly use QSortFilterProxyModel::mapToSource() to map from a proxy model index to your model's index.

  • Firstly please elaborate a little code.
    And I think there is a Method QSortFilterProxyModel::mapFromSource which may return the index you want.

    • raven-worx *
      Ok, thanks it works

  • Please comment on the post as solved if the issue is solved.

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