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Switch between MultiPointTouchAreas

  • Hi, I hope someone can find an answer to my problem.

    I'm working on a top down PVP shooter for a tablet. Each player navigates a tank by wiping over a small controller (MultiPointTouchArea). 2 big MultiPointTouchAreas split the screen in halves. By tapping outside of the controller within their half of the screen, they can place it somewhere else. This works perfectly fine.

    Now I want to improve the controls. The player currently needs to tap on the controller after placing it on the field to switch between the two MultiPointTouchAeas. I want him to be able to place the controller and immediately navigate the tank with one swipe over the screen.

    This means I have to switch from the playing field MultiPointTouchArea to the controller MultiPointTouchArea after receiving the first TouchPoint. How can I achieve that with one pressed() signal?

    Much appreciated.

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