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QtWebEngineProcess is looking for debug libraries of Qt, not the release binaries on Windows

  • We want to switch to Qt 5.4/QtWebEngine with in an existing Qt 5.3.2/Webkit application. We have to build Qt ourselves since we made a few patches to Qt that we need.

    The current issue I am facing is that QtWebEngineProcess.exe is apparently dependent on the Qt debug libraries, not the release libraries.

    I use VS 2013.

    I configured Qt with
    @configure -commercial -nomake tests -nomake examples -opengl desktop -openssl -confirm-license -icu -developer-build -qt-libjpeg@

    After building Qt itself, I built and installed QtWebEngine. Now I am finding out that the QtWebEngineProcess.exe that was copied by the install into the bin library is dependent on QtCored.dll and QtWebEngineCored.dll.
    The same is true for the QtWebEngineProcess.exe in libexec.

    Why did this happen? Is it fault of the "-developer-build" flag? (And if it is - is it expected that for making a release-capable version of Qt to be bundled with the application, you make a seperate Qt build?).
    Is it something else I need to configure? Do I need to call a particular make target to ensure I get a release version of QtWebEngineProcess?

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