Start point for understanding Qt Creator sctructure.

  • Hi. Where better to start learning QtC?
    Now I am going to set-up my portfolio, because, I am beginner c++/qt developer. So, I need a real experience in real project. Some seniors-dev advised me to invovle in development processes of projects like QtCreator or LibreOffice.
    So, where I should start for bugfixing and creating plugins?
    Btw, example plugin I am already wrote. Actually I want to find information about Pluginmanager, IPlugin, Internal::PluginManagerPrivate and so on... Is there some kind of graphics, documents or smthng else?
    Thanks and peace!

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    You can check out the bugtracker ("link": to see reported bugs in Qt Creator.

    And to get more info on how it is built, it is probably better to ask on the Qt Creator mailing list and IRC channel. "Link":

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