Does language bindings for Qt reimplement Qt modules in the specific language?

  • As far as I know PyQt provides a set of thin wrappers around the Qt/C++ modules, and generally doesn't implement the functionalities itself in Python (Except for some python specific features).

    I wanted to know if other language bindings for Qt like Qt Jambi and PySide have implemented all of the Qt modules or not. i.e. whether they are just a means of combining target languages (JAVA, python,...) with Qt C++ modules or the target languages work with the modules implemented with the target language.

    e.g. a simple question is: Does Qt Jambi work with Qt modules written in Java? (If yes, could we compile Qt Jambi applications which are able to run in different platforms? i.e. Are all Qt Jambi modules some jar files?)

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    Rewriting Qt in another language would be a waste of time, so I suspect all the language bindings work as wrappers to Qt libraries.

    Note: this is just a guess, I have not checked

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