[Solved] QDate Comparision issue

  • Hi friends,

                I am using the expire concept using Qdate. @ QDate date = QDate::currentDate();
    QString currentdate = date.toString("dd-MM-yyyy");
    QString expiredate ="07-01-2014";
    QDate expire1= QDate::fromString(expiredate,"dd-MM-yyyy");
    QString s1 = expire1.toString();
        QMessageBox m1;
        QMessageBox m1;
        m1.setText("Not Expired");

    This is my code,,in here date comparison is not working,,every time messagebox shows "Not Expired",,,so please help this issue,,


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    You are not comparing QDate objects... you are comparing QString objects. And they, as strings do, compare using alphabetical order comparison. You should use your QDate objects for comparison.

  • Hi sierdzio,,Now it's working,,Thanks

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    I am glad to hear that. I'll mark the thread as solved. Happy coding!

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