Problem debugging in 64 bits

  • Hi all,

    I compiled qt (4.7.2 shared) and qt creator (2.1.0) with Microsoft Windows SDK v7.1 64 bits using Windows 7. Everything works except the debugger. When I try to debug, the error "GetModuleByOffset failed: E_INVALIDARG" appears several times in the Debugger Log window and the application never stops in the breakpoint. I can pause the execution during debugging and see the stack without any debug information.

    Does anybody know what could be the problem? Thanks!


  • I'm new to Qt and this is just a guess:

    There is an option in QtCreator - Tools > Options > Qt4 > Manual > {the desired Qt version} > Rebuild Debugging helpers.

  • I am also encountering the very same problem here. It was introduced with qt creator 2.1, I also have qt creator 2.0.1 installed with which I have no problem with debugging. Yet today, I have installed qt creator 2.2 which does not have this problem.

  • I couldn't solve it with qt creator 2.1. I'm using now visual studio, which works pretty well with the add-in. Thanks for the answers!

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