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QT SDK 1.1 beta and rc... All works, but I can't deploy

  • Last March, 23 I started the thread on this forum "Compiled application don't find QML elements":
    After a lot of good advices from several High skilled Qt developers, I focused the right way to create the release set of components for the application (Qt-Quick + QML interface for Windows desktop) but at the actual date, the problem remains. I can't deliver the finished application because can't work on a machinte where Qt sdk is not installed.

    The scenario
    (the same tests had been done with Qt SDK 1.1 beta and the most recent Qt SDK 1.1RC as Qt-Quick project). For those interested, the updated repository, details, screenshots etc can be found in "RC Hobby Stream ":
    All the installations was done with the Qt online installation.

    The actual behavior
    Qt SDK 1.1 (beta and/or RC) is installed on the same project development hard disk *E:* Compiling the program (release) if I start it from the Qt Creator IDE it works correctly. Then I copy Qml directories and program images on the Windows desktop (on the driver *C:*) At this point, nothing works. I thought that this means that the presence of Qt SDK 1.1 installed on E:\ disk has no influence with the local path where the application tries to run on the C:\ disk.

    Following the advices of the thread cited above I added all the DLL and components identified by Dependency Explorer then added other DLL needed but not identified by the dependency explorer because linked at runtime. Then, last, I added the plugins in the plugins subdirectory (as defined in the source main.cpp). At this point, the application works.

    The problem
    At this point I take the release folder containing (I think) all the components and copy it from the C:\ drive of the development machine (Windows 7 SP1) on the desktop of two other machines: Windows 7 SP1 and XP SP3.
    In both cases_ the application runs but doesn't work_. It starts but nothing is shown: the behavior is the same when the application runs without the qml sources.

    I hope that there is some strange or hidden or mysteryous component that I can't imagine but that I must install in the deployment computers, because at this point I have not any other ideas.

    Last consideration
    If the problem is the usage of Qt SDK 1.1, while the only full functional version is Qt sdk 1.0, it seems me very strange. If so the application must be downgraded from Qt-quick project to Qt project.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Have you filed a "bug report": for this issue?

    Reporting it here will not get anything fixed.

  • Hi Tobias, last night I opened a case to Nokia First Line Support.
    I thought this, but as a matter of fact, it seems me impossible that a so obvious thing is a bug. How is possible that under Qt you can't deploy an application? So What is Qt for (multiplatform, desktop, symbian maemo etc.) ?

  • Tobias, this problem got a new, strange and totally unexpected evolution. Can I send you a meil for an advice?

  • I am not really involved in the Qt SDK, so I am not the best guy to contact about this.

    I'd recommend a bugreport in "our bugtracker": That ends up directly at the desk of the people working on the code.

  • Hi, thank you.

    I tried to open a case (those payment cases) and they opened it on 12 then after a lot of time simple answered that they can't solve this questions.

    FYI you can find the case here:

    To be honest, I am a bit astonished to this incredible delay and the answer!
    The reason that I had not yes reported this as a bug, is because I am not sure that it can be so. As a matter of fact, I think that it is very strange that a system like Qt SDK, a complete working environment that is declared as multiplatform for desktops too, has a so incredible bug that applications can't be delivered. How is it possible? And how is it possible that no one already discussed a problem like this? I have not found anything on the forums. So, I suppose that it can be a problem of mine, a silly problem that everyone consider obvious, so obvious to be never mentioned.

    If you think that is a different question, I try also this way to try a bugreport. But I have not idea of what kind of bug I will notify.

  • Sorry, I can not access that site, so I can not comment in any way on your case.

    We know the RC it is not perfect or we would have skipped it and shiped a final release already:-) I am not aware of any problem with deployment on windos, but as I said before: I am not directly involved in either Qt Quick nor the SDK, so I can not really help.

  • Oh, sorry to me, I forgot this detail.

    Created By: ajay kakumanu (14.4.2011 17:01)
    Dear Enrico Miglino,
    currently we don't support this query in this channel,
    So we are closing this issue and since we are not able to provide solution so giving a free voucher which can be used later on.

    Thank you for using our services!

    Best Regards,
    Forum Nokia Professional Support
    Created By: Enrico Miglino (12.4.2011 23:33)

    Thank you for your immediate answer. I apologize for this note, but I need to signal that this problem is urgent, because I need absolutely to discover how I can deploy the application to my customer. Please, let me know at least if you have idea of how much time is needed to have some idea on the way I can proceed.

    Thank you. Regards, Enrico Miglino
    Created By: ajay kakumanu (12.4.2011 9:02)

    Thank you for using our services! Your case is being investigated. Please wait for our experts to resolve it, and you will be notified again as soon as the solution is found.

    Note that you can use the web form to add additional notes directly into your case.

    If you have feedback or issues with technical support case, please contact

    Best Regards,
    Forum Nokia Professional Support

    The description I got for the case is almost the same I put in the first post of this thread

    It seems to me very strange. Are you sure that it can be a bug ?

  • [PRB] Deploying Qt-quick applications under Windows

    After other in-depth analisys of the question - this is the third post I start - searching for a solution - last try was to do a downfrade. As a matter of fact, this project was completed and finished as a Qt-quick project with sdk 1.1 beta before and the recent 1.1 rc.
    Working on a fresh Windows 7 I setup Qt creator 2010.05, besides the same version Andre suggested as the development platform (those he is developing on).
    Then after the Qt installation (I don't installed sdk because I will use only for windows desktop deployment) I put the Qt-quick project where I simply changed a couple of things:

    Cpp sources was opened as qt project. Main.cpp that exec qml main file (formerly rchs.qml) was left untouched.
    In the qml directory I created an independent qml project to which I added all the previous versions of my qml sources. All remained unchanged with the esception of the initial import clause:

    "Import Qt-quick" became "import Qt 1.0"

    Then qml main source was tested under qmlviewer from the ide to be sure that everything was working again.
    At this point, I recompiled the application (both qt development directory and my qt project was installed on drive E:) and put the executable code on the windows desktop - drive C:\ - in a release folder with the exe, the qml files structure, the needed dll copied from E:\qt\2010.05... And the same for the plugins in the "plugin" directory.

    At this point, running the application in the C:...\release directory it works. Note that the sole exe and qml files generate errors for missing mingw10 and othe essential dll.

    At this point, I uninstalled the Qt creator envirionment following the uninstall procedure. And launching the application it never works.

    My actual conclusion is that for some reason, regardless of the components I put in the release folder together my program, qml etc. There is some component that is instqlled by Qt in the windows environment tha i need to have.

    The questions are:

    Is there a way to set this component in the installation of my application? 
    Is theree something obvious that I don't know that must be deployed with the windows desktop applications?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Looks like we are continuing here:

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