Can't receive UDP on linux system

  • Hi guys:
    I am going to use udp in my own application, and i tested the example(broadcastsender, broadcastreceiver) in the Qt Creatror. One thing is weird, i test some situations and show them on the following:
    1.Sender in Windows, Receiver in Windows can receive data, but in Linux it can't.
    2.Sender in Linux, Receiver in Windows cant receive data, in Linux it can too.

    I have closed the firewall in the linux. In the situation 1, Receiver still didn't receive any data, does anyone know why?? Thanks in advance.

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    Hope windows and linux boxes are in same network. What is the IP of both windows and linux boxes ? Since you are telling that it can receive data in a same box, it means that port is not a issue.

    Another option is to check the packet flow using wireshark.

  • Hi, the ip in the windows is and in the linux is

  • How many network interfaces have you on Linux machine?

  • does ping work?

  • Hi guys:
         I found where the problem is, because the linux connect to internet by wireless, and the windows have two interface, one by wireless and the other one by ethernet. If i remove the ethernet from windows, the linux system can receive the UDP from the windows through wireless. Can QUdpSocket have function that could ask which interface to broadcast??

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