Qml bluetooth chat server

  • Hi,

    there is an example of qml bluetooth chat client

    but i do not know how can i create its server side and actually i dont know how bluetooth service works

    how can i connect BluetoothSocket to BluetoothService

    i guess i should create a socket for any client and connect this sockets to a service and this service gives message of clients and send it to all clients...is it true? and if the answer is positive how can i do that?


  • Hi,

    In the Qt installation on your computer, you have the full source code of all the example projects. I suggest you check the projects in the bluetooth folder.

  • thanks, but i know that... this examples based on c++ and qml together...
    i need an example of qml version and just its server side...
    i try to find out something from qt examples but unfortunately this examples is so intricate... .

  • For a Bluetooth server, you can't avoid C++.

  • Are you sure?so what is BluetoothService and what mean this?


    The Qt Bluetooth QML Types enable an application to scan for devices and connect and interact with them in an easier way than the C++ Classes. However, it is a bit more limited than the C++ API. You can always use the C++ API to create QML plugins with the flexibility you need.

  • From BluetoothService documentation: "It allows a QML project to get information about a remote service, or describe a service for a BluetoothSocket to connect to."

    To implement a service, you need a server. From the QBluetoothServer doc.: "The QBluetoothServer class uses the RFCOMM or L2cap protocol to communicate with a Bluetooth device. QBluetoothServer is used to implement Bluetooth services over RFCOMM or L2cap."

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