Strange refreshing when displaying a Qml dialog from a QWidget-based window

  • Hello,

    I've searched around for a couple of hours but can't find this one out -- sorry if I missed it.

    I have a QWidget-based .ui form. When the user clicks a button I display a separate window displaying a Qml file as a dialog. I use this code:

    @QQuickView *view = new QQuickView();

    This works, but I get bizarre refreshing artifacts as in this image: !! (Note the slider, which has weird vertical interlacing, and the text box, which has rendered on top of itself.)

    When I spawn this Qml as the root window set in a QtQuick2ApplicationViewer everything is fine. So I'm guessing I'm spawing this incorrectly. I looked around a lot for how to spawn it, but everything I found about Qml + QWidgets was about putting a QWidget into a Qml window, which is not what I'm going for.

    Specs: Qt 5.3, running on Ubuntu 14.04.

    Thanks very much for any help,


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