How to use GET Params in a Qt Help Project?

  • Hi,

    we have a Qt - based Desktop Application and we use a Qt Help Project and QTAssistant to deploy the documentation to our application. This works fine for us since we had not the need to produce licence dependent help content.
    We offer our customers to enhance the standard application with highly customized functionality. This functionality often ist not visible for other customers but needs to be described in documentation.

    So we would like to use DIV Containers in the HTML sources with own attributes und licence dependend CSS classes to display / hide those elements. To cycle the licencenumber through whole documentation we use GET Params added to URLs. So far, so good and it works fine in QtAssitant.

    But: GET Params added in TOC section of the QHP File where parsed false into the QtHelpCollection file.

    In the qhp file there´s an entry like
    <section title="Interfaces" ref="./options/interfaces.html?licence="55555""/>

    The URL for the generated TOC entry in QtAssitant then is
    so QtAssitant correctly notifies me that the requested page is not found.

    If I manually alter the URL in Adressbar in QtAssistant like ./options/interfaces.html?licence=55555 everything´s OK.

    Because QtAssitant can handle # in TOC entry´s to jump directly to anchor tags, i wonder if there is a way to parse GET Params as well. But in docs i found nothing similar.

    Does anyone have a hint for me?

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