Debug Qt code base (installed with SDK) in QtCreator

  • I have Qt 5.1.1 installed on my Windows 7 system under C:\Qt\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1. When I installed, I chose to also install the source code, since I knew I would eventually want to debug into the Qt code base.. For my project, I use VS2010, version 10.0 with the QtAddin, so the version of Qt that I have installed is the MSVC 2010 version. When I look in the C:\Qt\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1 folder, I see both the msvc2010 and Src folders. For all side projects, where I am working on a small Qt-based item that will eventually be incorporated into the full project, I use QtCreator 2.8.1. In QtCreator, I'm using the MSVC 2010 code base, and the MSVC 10.0 x86 build kit. In order to debug in QtCreator, I installed the Debugging Tools for Windows (, which works perfectly for my project. When I try to step into some Qt code though, I just step over to the next line of my project.

    I went to Tools > Options > Debugger > General, clicked Add Qt sources, and added the Qt Src folder, but that just added another definition that has the same target path as the other two source paths that were already there. I'm wondering if there is a CONFIG+= that I should be adding to the Effective qmake call in Build Steps for my Debug project configuration. Seems to me that since QtCreator already picks up the libraries under the Qt install folder, it should be able to be told to use the <libname>d.lib files instead of the <libname>.lib files.

    I have been looking into this for a couple of days, and thought it was time that I asked if anyone could help me to find out what I'm not understanding about setting up debugging for the Qt base in QtCreator.

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