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Simple proxy, using two QTcpProxy

  • Sorry for my bad English.
    I need to make a simple proxy (without auth, etc). Every connection must be in separated thread. It must transer data from/to browser and remote server.
    My variant looks like this:
    I have made a class Server (: QTcpServer), with overloaded incomingConnection
    When incomingConnection emitted, I create new object of class Transfer, which create a new thread.
    In new thread I create an object of class TransferHandler, which create two sockets(named in and out) and connect signals readyRead from in to slot inReadyRead, from out to outReadyRead. When these signals emited, I just copy data from one into another (using readAll()).
    When signals disconnected() emitted, I just close sockects an delete objects.
    In method run() of thread object I call method exec().

    Problem --
    Answers for all requests are come. But in the browser there is only a part of answer(I think only first package was come). Then, the browser hangs in connected state, but did not gets data.

    Source code:

    If try to transfer data without events(did not call exec()), but just in cycle and using waitForReadyRead() all data transfers in to browser/server, but there is very long ping.--

  • I went quickly through your code, some comments:

    • it's not useful to spawn a thread each time, you might want to keep working in the main thread and using just signals / slots (will work nicely unless you have to scale drastically)
    • as your transferhandler class is waiting on your socket, you'd rather connect signals and slots as son as you've created the objects (otherwise, you might lose some events)
    • you mix synchronous (waitForxxx) and asynchronous, it's not easy to follow

    So far, without compiling it, I didn't see any trivial issue, I might have a further look later.

  • Thanks, I'll rewrite code using only signals ans slots and paste sources here.

  • Ok. I've rewrote proxy.
    This archive contains a project, with partially working proxy. It works fine with GET reqests, but doesn't work with POST.
    I get "400 bad request", when uploading file. And also doesn't work.
    What is wrong?

  • Is anyone could answer me?

  • Hi All, and DmT021!

    I very-very interested in you QT proxy server! Could you please contact me here or by the mail:

    If anyone knows someone about completed QT HTTP proxy server, please contack me :)

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