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QWebView not respecting html <thead>

  • QWebView does not seem to respect <thead> code for tables. Other attributes including CSS that I have tried seem to be working fine.

    Here's what I'm doing:

    Create simple html code for a long table. Html code for table headers are enclosed in <thead></thead> so that they would be repeated when table spans more than one page.

    Assign the html code to a QWebView

    Print the QWebView to pdf using QPrinter

    What I expect is for the headers to be repeated when the table spans more than 1 page. But that's not the case. If I assign the same code to a QTextBrowser, it works fine: the headers are repeated in new pages. But I'd like to use a QWebView since it supports CSS better.

    Only other post related to this I found was "this":http://qtforum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7855 dating back to 2008 (no responses) as well as this "bug":https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-31601 that appears to affect version 5. Any suggestions/guidance/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Some additional info:

    • Using Qt 4.8.2
    • Tried on Linux (Fedora) and Windows 7 (compiled with VS2010)
    • Removed full code below to bypass the "spam" detection

    Edit: I'm including the full code and the images of the resulting pdfs posted in comments for future refereces:

    // --------------------------------------------------
    // QWebView approach:
    QWebView webView;
    webView.setHtml( generateHtmlTable(100) );

    // --------------------------------------------------

    // --------------------------------------------------
    // QTextBrowser approach:
    QTextBrowser textBrowser;
    textBrowser.setHtml( generateHtmlTable(100) );

    // --------------------------------------------------

  • Hi!

    can you publish all code of the html page?

  • I had it posted, but the page would forum would flag it as spam. So this time I'm putting them else where.

    Here is the full c++ code including the html part: http://pastebin.com/e4bmEyV7

    and here is only the html part: http://pastebin.com/k7BBERHf (there is an extra ``\n'' in one that should be removed)


  • the html code seems fine and webkit understand it


    but in your project it don't work? isn't it?
    I think the problem in the generateHtmlTable function.

    well. will be looking for solve

  • It's funny but your code works fine :o\


    @QString htmlCode;

    int numLines=3;
    // Open html tags

    htmlCode =
    " <body>\n"
    " <table>\n"
    " <thead>\n"
    " <tr>\n"
    " <th> Header 1 </th>\n"
    " <th> Header 2 </th>\n"
    " <th> Header 3 </th>\n"
    " </tr>\n"
    " </thead>\n";

    // Fill rows

    for (int i=0; i<numLines; ++i){
    htmlCode +=
    htmlCode += QString("<td> %0 </td>\n").arg(i);
    htmlCode += QString("<td> %0 </td>\n").arg(i+1);
    htmlCode += QString("<td> %0 </td>\n").arg(i+2);
    htmlCode +=

    // Close tags

    htmlCode +=

    QPrinter printer;

  • I don't see a proper TBODY tag...

    "According to this description":https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/tbody TBODY tag is responsible for printing THEAD and TFOOT on every page

    (<tbody>) provides additional semantic information for devices such as printers and displays. Of the parent table's child elements, (<tbody>) will represent the content, if longer than a page, that will most likely differ for each page printed. The <tfoot> and <thead> elements' content will be consistent for each page printed.

  • The code compiles and runs fine. The problem is with the <thead> tag not beign respected when the table spans more than 2 pages and printed to pdf. See below for comparison between resulting PDFs generated from the code I posted:

    This is the result from QWebView (webViewOutput.pdf): http://i.imgur.com/i47qrdo.png
    Note the missing headers on second page

    This is the result from QTextBrowser (textBrowserOutput.pdf) which actually respects the <thead> tag:
    Note that the headers are automatically repeated on second page.

  • [quote author="ThatDude" date="1421162273"]I don't see a proper TBODY tag...


    Thanks for your reply. I tried that, but the result is the same as before.

  • oh, sorry.
    I think webkit can't recognize the begin and end of page. And TBODY tag (as wrote ThatDude can't help in this case, it's usefull for block formatting)

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