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Dynamically populate a VisualItemModel

  • Is there a way to dynamically populate VisualItemModel ? Seems like all the examples I am finding in searches demonstrate basically statically populating a VisualItemModel for feeding the data in from a static-ish source.

    In my case I have the c++ side network connected to another system to visualize data, and the c++ creates qml objects dynamically and I want some of those objects to add information about themselves to a VisualItemModel as qml objects that may contain graphical elements and and text and such that may change over the lifetime of the dynamic entity, so the information presented from the VisualItemModel will need to be dynamic. I noticed the ListModel has such functionality for appending and removing and such on the qml side, what is the way to do that for qml objects? I could use the list model but I would prefer to use full qml objects for better flexibility and property binding and such.

  • Hey drevil,

    Did you find a solution for this?
    I would also be interested.


  • Hi drevil,
    I would also be interested in the solution.
    Thank you!

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