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[Solved] Panning, scrolling and zooming in quick2

  • Our team is working on a graphical designer and specifically needs to be able to scrol, pan and zoom its designs. As I understand from the GUI programmer, quick2 is actually pretty attractive, powerful and fast. But, apparantly he cannot find how to do the functions scrolling, panning and zooming in quick2. It seems as though quick1 with graphicsview is the only alternative.

    Are the functions scrolling, panning and zooming possible in quick2? If so, is there any example in code?

  • Qml2 support pretty much everything Qml1 has. What specifically is he missing that exists in Qml1?

  • scrolling, panning and zooming. He could not find that in quick2.

  • Where did he find it in Qml1?

  • We found it in the example application chip, which is an admirable example by the way, try zooming out fully. It shows both opengl and non-opengl work: scrolling, panning and zooming.

    It is this functionality that we could not find in qml2 / quick2.

    [edit] you can find this as one of the example applications of qtcreator.

  • Hi,

    The application chip you are talking about does not make use of Qt Quick1. It uses QWidgets which is not the same thing. It seems there is some confusion on your parts what the different technologies are or I am looking at the wrong example :)

    If you want panning/scrolling in Qml look at the Flickable element, if you want to add zooming, look at the scale property of Qml elements.

    If can also add custom visual elements using QQuickPaintedItem (and there other alternatives).

    Good luck!

  • Thank you very much. I will relay this to our programmer. Hopefully we can start using QtQuick2.

    We solved the item using your comment as a base. Thanks.

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