QFileDialog doesn't show any content on ubuntu

  • On https://github.com/berndhahnebach/IfcPlusPlus (branch master) I distribute a Qt based viewer to view digital building modells called BIM models. I've been using the viewer for a few month on Debian Jessie.

    Tested the viewer on Ubuntu Trusty Tahr and the choose file widget does not work at all. The QFileDialog is displayed if the QPushButton (btn_add_file, "Choose file") is pushed. /SimpleViewer/src/gui/TabReadWrite.cpp line 368 But the widget it is not filled with content. If the widget is resized somtims some folder are displayed on the left, but in any case no file is shown.

    Does anyone have an idea which way to go for finding the problem?

    kind regards bernd

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    You should contact the Ubuntu guys directly to see what they modified recently.

    On an unrelated note, you should use qobject_cast and not c style cast for QObject derived class.

  • @SGaist:
    Thanks for your reply.

    Found a workaround. Just lunch the application using a different style by

    ./IfcPlusPlusViewer -style=fusion

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