[Qt5.4 IFW 1.4.0] Can't find qtquickcontrols

  • Hi everyone,
    We're having issues with qtquickcontrols, when launching a standalone .exe we created with Qt IFW 1.4.0
    Our Qt 5.4 project works fine in Qt Creator.

    @plugin cannot be loaded for module "qtquick.controls": Cannot load library C:/Qt_lastVersion/5.4/msvc2010_opengl/qml/qtquick/controls/qtquickcontrolsplugin.dll@

    But the path is correct, and the dll exists in this directory.

    Everything in the .exe that does not refer to qtquickcontrols is working.
    In the QML files, we also tried importing "qtquickcontrols" (with only lower case, instead of "QtQuickControls"), but the result is the same.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hello,
    from DependencyWalker, it seems QT5WIDGETS.dll is missing

  • We added the missing DLL into the package (Qt/5.4\msvc2010_opengl\bin\qt5widgets.dll)

    After installation, the program fails with this error:
    @plugin cannot be loaded for module "qtquick.controls": Module namespace 'QtQuick.Controls' does not match import URI 'qtquick.controls'@

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