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Qt and PCL (and OpenCV)

  • Hi

    I have used OpenCV with Qt Creator 3.1, MacOS 10.9.5 and have set the path in the .pro file and worked for me. i have now a program wich calculates the Disparity map of a stereo camera and then calculates and outputs the point cloud in a .txt file wich i can open with Matlab or Meshlab so far so good.
    but now i should display an elevation grid map direct form the camera data. so i thought first display the point clouds not with a extra program, thought PCL is good for displaying the points and then converting it to the elevation grid map..
    i tried to install PCL but got a lots of errors and tried different installation methods so i removed my usr/local folder and reinstalled OpenCV and PCL with Homebrew. after installing a few packages manual it worked.
    So OpenCV works again if i use the .pro file. My target is to compile Ocv and PCL code in one program..

    now for first i would like to use PCL and tried this tutorial or an other minimal example?
    but im really new to this all and don't know much of it.
    can't get cmake working, does someone know how to

    or wich INCLUDEPATH and LIBS i have to add to the .pro file that it works? then i think it would work perfect also with OpenCV..

    same asked here
    with some cmake progress but i have no real clue what to do there

    and after that how can i use Ocv and PC,L is now only the cmake file used an i have also to add Ocv in cmake or is the pro file also used?
    for the elevation grid map its better to make a new i think when i got pcl working

    found this old thread but no solution in it only that it worked :-/

    thx very much

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