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[SOLVED] Doxygen integration for Qt Creator

  • Dear all,

    I would like to be able to easily use Doxygen from within Qt Creator, i.e. inserting and editing Doxygen comments. Therefore, in the past I used the Qt Creator plugin from

    However, for newer versions of Qt Creator this plugin doesn't work anymore.

    Are there any plans to introduce native Doxygen support for Qt Creator?

    Thanks for your reply and with best regards,

  • Hi,

    I don't know about that plug-in but Qt Creator supports adding Doxygen compatible comments to your code for quite a long time without any plug-in. If you type "/*!" above a member function and hit the Enter button, Qt Creator automatically inserts a stub documentation section which is Doxygen compatible.

  • You basically have to approach Kofee directly. Or you can try to contact the second developer. AFAIK there are not monitoring this forum.

  • I just found out that Qt Creator has already some limited support for Doxygen comment generation.

    Just type "/**" in front of a method declaration and press <Enter> and you will get at least a simple Doxygen-Stub.

    The plugin has some more functionality but in my opinion it's better than nothing.

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