In-app Quicksilver/Alfred or SublimeText-like "Goto Anything" and "Command Palette" solution for Qt Widget app?

  • Hi,

    has anyone developed a component for Qt Widgets app that would implement something similar to Sublime Text's "Goto Anything" and "Command Palette"? ( See ).

    What I'm looking for is kind of like an app-internal "Spotlight search" or "Quicksilver" component, where you can index various UI elements internally (menus, UI button captions, various document content etc.), and then have a "unified search" box that would allow the user to type in (using fuzzy search) some string and the search results would include snippets of content from various document windows, menu commands, button captions and other UI elements.

    Depending on the user's choice, the component would trigger a certain action: if the user chooses a menu item within those search results, the component would evoke that menu item. If the user chooses a document fragment, the component would switch the focus to the appropriate document window and navigate to that fragment of content etc.

    In addition, if the app has some internal scripting (e.g. Python), then the user's entry could be formulated in that language and then executed by the app.

    There are many such implementations OS-wide, for example Quicksilver ( ) or Alfred ( ) for OS X, Colibri or SlickRun for Windows, and also within an app, such as the "Goto Anything" and "Command Palette" functions within the SublimeText editor.

    I'm looking for something like that for a Qt Widgets app to work within that app (not on the OS level).

  • Ps. The component should allow usage in a closed-source commercial app (i.e. no GPL, but can be commercially licensed).

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  • I know of no ready-made components. Basic features should not be too hard to make though. Search through QActions for instance, and represent the matching ones in a list as the search results.

    It also reminds me of the search box in Qt Creator itself (CTRL+K)

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