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Windows XP?

  • My app, if I take all the required DLLs and platform lib run just fine on Win7 32.

    However if I move the exact same contents to Windows XP I get:

    "Not a valid win-32 application".

    Not sure it matters as XP is depreciated but knowing my client someone will have a Win XP machine and complain at me that it doesn't run... So I'm just trying to be prepared.

  • Hi, to make your app run on XP:
    The short story: put this line in your .pro file:

    The long story, you can read "here":http://www.tripleboot.org/?p=423

  • Maybe the EXE,DLL's are 64 bit and you are trying to run this on a 32 bit version of Windows. This is typically the error message you will see.

    When you boot up XP it will clearly state that it is 64 bit on the splash screen. Windows 7 on the other hand typically is 64 bit. I would double check that you actually have a 32 bit version of Windows 7.

    Edit: I use MinGW to compile all windows programs. It produces 32 bit programs that will run on any version of Windows (32 or 64 bit). I haven't had any problems with Qt on XP.

  • I had this problem also, and decided to drop support for Windows XP and before. (Windows doesn't even support it anymore..)

    Here is a good read if you want to fix it :

    Good luck!

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