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Drawing graphic with random points

  • Hello,

    I would want to draw a graphic using random points and get a result as in that picture found on internet on this link


    i tried to define my vertice as follow:
    @ for (double i = -1.0; i < 0.0; i += 0.1){
    for (double j = 1.0; j >-1.0; j -= 0.1){
    vertices << QVector3D(j, -0.5, i);
    in that case , i get aligned points when i wanted some variation on the alignement.
    Is it correct to draw point in order to have that graphic?? or i have to use Triangles as it seems in the above picture found on internet. if so, how to do it??

    Thank you for your suggestions

    PS: i' m new with OpenGL, and i use Qt5.3.2.
    and sorry , my english is not perfect...

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