Memory Allocation Error in Qt Creator

  • Hello,

    I was building a simple application on Qt Creator (Windows 7 OS) to try out the Phonon API. First I just designed a Mainwindow widget. Got that running fine. Then trying out some simple code to play a wav file looking at some examples all of a sudden I got the error:

    out of memory allocating 134221823 bytes
    File not Found: cc1plus.exe

    Then I just commented out every line of code that I added before the error when everything was fine and oddly now I get the same error. Before adding some functionality everything was running fine as far as the GUI goes. Then I tried to add some functionality, got the error and then just taking out what I added I'm now getting this same allocation error.

    What could be wrong?

  • When does this error occur?

    From the "cc1plus.exe" I'd guess it's when you try to compile the file... I had some time ago a similar problem (which had nothing to do with Qt), just because the compiler's configuration was wrong : it resulted in the compiler eating all my RAM and my swap.

  • i have the same problem , (out of memory allocating 134221823 cc1plus.exe) .
    how can I solve ??

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    By explaining what you are doing to get the error first. What do you do when running into this error?

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