Qt Creator bombs on startup: Windows 8

  • I tried installing Qt via Qt Online Installer for Windows. My OS is 32-bit Windows 8.1 Pro. When I try to run Qt Creator, it bombs at ig4dev32.dll. Any ideas?

  • Hi, ig4dev32.dll is an Intel OpenGL driver so maybe your OpenGL is a bit under the weather, try starting Qt Creator without the Welcome plugin (which uses OpenGL), if you installed Qt to C:\Qt type this in a CMD window:
    cd \Qt\Tools\QtCreator\Bin
    qtcreator -noload Welcome

  • Yes, I was pretty sure that it was an OpenGL issue. Disabling the Welcome worked on my Win7 machine but not the Win8 machine. I tried uninstalling the OpenGL packages but that made no difference. I wasn't aware that Qt Creator itself was so dependent on OpenGL.

    Win8 and OpenGL seem to be like oil and water. After doing some more searching around, I found a Microsoft forum that suggested installing the Win7 graphic driver on my Win8 machine, and sure enough that did the trick.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Not solved after all. Windows 8 keeps wanting to "update" my Windows 7 driver, and even though I tell it to roll back, it does it again after a couple of days. Obviously this machine is not appropriate for Qt development.

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