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[Moved] Set Graphic background SVG depending on conditional

  • I think I am going to ask a newbie question but here goes anyway.

    I have created a working graphical item using layered SVG images. However I would like to change the first (background) layer depending on a conditional value set as a property.

    Is there a way in Qt Quick to use QML for something like the C++ case statement where there is more than two values for the conditional. I.E. value 1 value 2 and value 3, etc. the condition ? operator seems to only give two choices (condition is true or false).

    Depending on the conditional value (1,2,3, etc.) I intend to select the appropriate background SVG source rather than creating a unique item for each different value only changing the background.

  • You can use switch statements in QML as well (though there is a bug related to this at the moment; see http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-17012 for details). You can also use if/else if type constructs -- BoomBlock.qml from the samegame demo shows an example of this:
    Image {
    id: img
    source: {
    if(type == 0){
    } else if(type == 1) {
    } else {


  • Thanks - that works perfect!

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