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[SOLVED] Horizontally centering a rectangle in a window

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to horizontally center a rectangle in a window. This is my code:
    visible: true
    width: 400
    height: 600

    id: rectLayout
    anchors.fill: parent

      width: 90
      height: 25
      anchors.left: rectLayout.left
      anchorrs.topMargin: 5
      anchors.horizontalCenter: rectLayout.horizontalCenter

    The wanted effect is a rectangle with top margin to the window of 5px and horizontally centered with a total width of 90 and height of 25 pixels.

    The problem is, that using anchors.horizontalCenter: rectLayout.horizontalCenter results in streching the rectangle to the whole width of the window...

    Does anybody know how I can avoid this effect?

    Thank you in anticipation :-)

  • Remove anchors.left: rectLayout.left
    What did you do is to anchor the rectangle to the left and the horizontalCenter to the center, so Qt in order to maintain both stretch the rectangle.

  • Oh yes, you're right. Thank you really much! :-)

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