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  • I am trying to use PinchArea (Qt Quick 1.1) : I have the following :

    import QtQuick 1.1

    Rectangle {
    width: 300
    height: 200
    id :mainMT

    PinchArea {
        property int xpoint
        property int ypoint
        property int pinchscale
        property int pinchrotation
        id: pinchy
        enabled: true
        anchors.fill: parent
        pinch.dragAxis: Pinch.XandYAxis
        pinch.minimumScale: 0.01
        pinch.maximumScale: 20



    It works well except than it's difficult to move the item with two fingers : when you do that, there is rotation that comes with ...
    Is there a way to enable single touch to move item instead of double touch to distinct move object, and scale/rotation ?

  • A couple things you could try:

    • filtering the data in onPinchUpdated (e.g. only change the rotation when the difference in angle passes a certain threshold)
    • use a MouseArea for the single finger dragging (from memory MouseArea and PinchArea should work well together)

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