How to clear an XML model after we have read it?

  • Hi everyone,

    I have an xmlDataModel, and I change the query several times, to read different children in the XML tree.
    Since I re-use the same model several times, I think it is important that I clear the xmlModel, before I populate it again.

    I have tried:

    @function clearItems(objectsModel)
    print("Count of Model: "+objectsModel.count);
    while(objectsModel.count > 0)

    Output is:
    @qml: Count of Model: 2
    qrc:///JsFunctions.js:148: TypeError: Property 'remove' of object QQuickXmlListModel(0x1040c97e0) is not a function@

    So how to clear the xmlModel after reading the items from it?

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    I guess assigning a new source to XmlListModel should remove the old one.

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