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Pixel manipulation in QGraphicsView

  • I have nice and working Qt application using QGraphicsView and QGraphicsScene. Scene is populated by using QGraphicsItems (rects, lines, circles,...). Now I´d like to add final touch on it and I´d like to do some pixel manipulation on the QGraphicsView. Is this possible?

    I found Qt deform example but it´s not really pixel manipulation, it´s more like vector transformations, so not suitable for me.

    Manipulation algorithm (I plan to implement this myself) should have pixel level access to view image. It should be able to set/get invidual pixels on view one by one. How to do this?

  • What's the recommended way? I'm not sure.

    Perhaps you could copy the framebuffer to a texture, manipulate that, and copy it back to the framebuffer.

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