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QT Documentations should have a discussion thread beneath their release information

  • Something that I have been thinking about for the community was the ability to do what I stated above. If the web developers of QT could add a comment section below their release information, questions from other devs could be answered and concerns can be addressed. I'm just saying it would be cool.

  • I am not sure if the whole forum is not what you are asking for. May be you give more details of what you are actually like to see.

    BTW It is Qt. QT stands for Quick Time.

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    The documentation used to have this feature in the form of "Doc Notes":http://qt-project.org/blog/view/doc-notes-we-have-a-vision but it was hard to manage them and preserve them across different versions of Qt. They have been removed recently, but might come back in a new form.

  • Hey JKSH and koahing,

    Thanks for the replies. If the Qt team makes it happen, I would greatly benefit from it. If it doesn't happen, it is what it is. There's still a great forum out here. Also my apologies, I did mean Qt.

  • I see a lot of doc notes, which people bothered to add for the sake of helping out others have gone missing and you expect forums? Highly unrealistic IMO...

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