QToolTip doesn't update when text is changed while tooltp is shown

  • Qt 5.3.2
    QLineEdit - if I change tooltip with setTooltip(QString&) while tooltip is shown - it doesn't update the text that is shown immediately. I must move away the focus, wait for tooltip to hide then hover back over QLineEdit and only then the new text is shown!?

    1. Is this a known bug?
    2. Is this by design?
    3. How to access actual QToolTip object? QLineEdit has tooltip()/setTooltip() but they work with QString only - QTooltip has methods to force hide/show?
    4. any other ideas...

    How to force the linedit1's toolltip when it is showing to update its text immediately after linedit1.setTooltip("new text");
    I've tried: repaint(), update(), setTooltip("") -> setTooltip("new text") all to no avail.

  • 1 Not a bug
    2 I don't know about by design, but definitely not an intended use model
    3 the ToolTip object used by the Widget is not accessible. From looking at QToolTip docs it is just a set of static methods.

    4 Other ideas
    I have not tried this personally. Try sending a QHelpEvent to the widget after you change the text you want displayed. You might need to rewrite the event handler to remove the old one first.

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