[Worked around] How to set header text of QAbstractItemModel in a QTreeView

  • I have a QTreeView, and its model is (a subclass of) a QAbstractItemModel.

    The model has two columns, and they are labelled "1" and "2". I suspect this is the default labels.

    I want them to be blank, so I put this into the constructor of the model to test my ability to set the header text:

    @bool worked = setHeaderData(1, Qt::Horizontal, QVariant(QString("Beans")));@

    Worked has the value "false". It does not work. The label does not get changed. I tried this as well:

        @setHeaderData(1, Qt::Horizontal, QVariant(QString("Beans")), Qt::DisplayRole);@

    and this also does not work.

    How can I change the header text of a QAbstractItemModel?

  • I have read them. I would say they are an acceptable introduction; I have read technical documents that really are "very good", and these are not. They're acceptable, but not "very good". :) I can't recall a "very good" set of online documentation right now, but Maple's online documentation is an example of some truly horrific documentation. :)

    Thanks very much. In the end, I overrode the QAbstractItemModel::headerData() function and simply intercepted any calls that wanted DisplayRole data. A bit of a silly solution, but it works.

  • Huh?? What do you mean with:
    bq. intercepted any calls that wanted DisplayRole data
    The hole point of Model/View usage is that the model holds the data, not the view or anyone else........

  • I mean that my subclass of QAbstractItemModel now has a function headerData(), so when the headerdata is required and that function is called, it goes through my code and I simply return the value I want.

    I have no idea what value is held in the model for the header text; because I don't know how to change the value for the header text in the model, I don't fetch it from the model. Calling the model's setHeaderData function to try to set the header data did not work.

  • No, you have to implement/overwrite the setHeaderData your self and store the information in your model.

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