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Qt Installer Framework - Why would a non-admin installation require admin rights to update?

  • I've generated an online installer with "Qt Installer Framework":, and a user has successfully installed my app with it, without administrative rights. However, when the user tried to update to the next version of my app, Windows requested that he type in administrative credentials. Why would administrative rights be required, considering the app was installed as a non-administrator?

    Furthermore, I tested updating the app on my own machine and I was not required to be an administrator.

  • can I download that installer somewhere or do you have a small example installer which behaves the same. At the moment I don't have any good idea.

    (a component from other repository could request admin rights; or windows is requesting more rights because the installer name is something with installer, update, setup, ...)

  • maybe "Installer Detection Technology" is running because of a wrong compiled binary but that is only a guess

  • Hello guys,

    I want to ask another question to you. How can I make the Uninstaller check exe is running or not before uninstalling? I can do this with installing process but I can not write correct script for uninstalling process.


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