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Integrate C++ application in Qt application

  • HI all
    I am new to Qt qnd wish to integrate Qt with a native C++ application of my own.Could you please tell me how to start the connection between the two? :)

    thanks in advance!!

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  • I dont understand the question....Qt is c++ based.

  • For what purpose do you want to use Qt in your setup?

    You can have it for GUI, XML, Networking, Container classes, core lib like QString and all the like.

  • You can integrate qt in your existing c++ code for replacing OS dependent API functions by Qt functions to make your application cross-platformed.

  • I had to do this at work. There is a swarm of available options. The main app is a Google-like X11-based system. I'm in charge of the separate touch-screen-based Qt GUI.


    • X11 event loop can be replaced with qt's own one: lenghty, effective.
    • Use shared memory between different applications: upload a class full of basic types, then download it on the other end.
    • Use TCP/UDP & communicate via ethernet: super-duper-extensive piece of code, but hey, it does the trick!
    • Use threads: one for your c++ app, one for the new qt based app. It's OK, but quite unstable (i.e.: X11 crashes when running for 40+ hrs)

    Well, that's as far as I can imagine with no additional data :). Post again or PM!

  • QT is a multiplat formed IDE and u can develop any kind of application using c++,ruby,python,html,xml,javascript etc...
    u can developed software like:-
    1. os
    2. web based
    3. mobile apps
    4. game
    5. multimedia etc

  • Hi!
    If you are new to Qt, you can see an example (2) in this page :
    If you understand french :

    Good Luck :)

  • I had a native C++ simulation classes and I wanted to create an OpenGL Simulation. I just learned how to create a GUI with Qt, and had to create object instances of the classes I created independent from Qt in my program. And that was it!!!

  • Please don't necropost. The last answer in the original thread was one year old...

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