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QML UI on top of non-OpenGL widget

  • Hi all,

    I want to create a UI consisting of the following components:


    In the background, I want to place the visualizations: (1) an OpenGL-based visualization of a scan (already implemented successfully) and alternatively (2) a non-OpenGL visualization of 3D models. The QML UI (3) should be semi-transparent on top of it and optionally capable of fading in/out, as well as a sidebar (4) which would affect the width of the visualization when faded in/out.

    It's quite easy for the OpenGL visualization, it can be placed on a QGLWidget or probably also on the new versions of it and then overlayed with the QML UI. However, I cannot do that with the non-OpenGL visualization. It is bound to a QWidget (also tried a QQuickWidget) via winId() handle and feels obliged to be always on top of everything. I can't get the QML UI to display on top.

    Is there any way to achieve what I want? I have been researching almost an entire week and tried several solutions (QWidget handle, raise, createWindowContainer, QQuickWidget, ...), but nothing seems to work or I missed something.

    Application must be Windows x64. I am currently on Qt 5.3.2 and VS2012, will upgrade to 5.4 today probably.

    Thx i.a. and kind regards

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