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[SOLVED]QWidget: Must construct a QApplication before a QWidget

  • Hi ,
    can someone please help , suddenly i started to get this error even though i haven't made any changes to the code since last time it ran ok .
    im working from within vmware , i think sometime it crashed and since then i get this error , what couldv'e went wrong how do i verify where this error is comming from , as i searched google i read that it could be generated by misuse of static method/variable that can create a QWidget before main , but the problem is i haven't made any changes to the code . and my software is a big one for me now to go over all the code .

  • never mind , sorry for the bother , looks like there was a global QWidget variable that i used to test something then i had to close the project and leave .
    and i forgot about that since i never tested what i intended to test xD .

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